Our Team

We are professionals in retail design and gastro. Our team consists of strong personalities but we all pull together. Meet us.

portrét Martin Fejtek, majitel

Martin Fejtek

CEO and owner
222 582 260

Martin is the owner and CEO of the company. He nas been in business for 25 years. In 1993 he established the BARO Lampen company, which is the direct predecessor of Feschu. At present, his main task is to attend to important business partners, long-term clients and large projects.

If you can not reach him while he is driving or in his office, you will definitely find him on the golf course.

portrét Petra Fejtková, finance a personální řízení

Petra Fejtková

Finances and HR
222 582 260

Petra has been co-owner and Secretary since 2006. She has a long-standing experience in bookkeeping and payrolls. Thanks to her previous job experience, she is able to manage finances in addition to company management and finding new co-workers for our team.

Petra is a huge fan of Dejvice Theatre and, in her free time, likes to work in the garden or go cycling with her family.

portrét Pavel Vintrlík, obchodní manažer

Pavel Vintrlík

Sales manager
724 040 208

Pavel manages the Moravia region. His responsibilities  are current clients and finding new ones. Due to his personality and experience in different sales positions, he is able to develop and fulfil their ideas and goals. He has worked in sales management since 2000.

Pavel likes to play sport and enjoys everything involving a racket – squash, tennis and badminton.

portrét Lucie Knížetová, designer

Lucie Knížetová

Sales manager, designer
736 640 733

Lucie is the newest team member. She studied Graphic Design and has worked in Prague advertising agencies. After a few years as a freelance interior designer, she joined Feschu and, since August 2016, has been employed as a Sales Manager – Designer.

She likes to spend her free time with her family and on Design, because her work is her hobby.

portrét Edita Klembasová, marketingový specialista a designer

Edita Klembasová

Marketing specialist, designer

Edita joined Feschu as a Marketing Specialist. At present, she works in both Marketing and Design, which she also studied. After her academic experience at the Technical University in Zvolen and High School teaching practice, she decided to continue in the interior design field, where she has worked since 2008. If she is not preparing a newsletter for our clients, she is designing a catalogue or a new store.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and walking with her dog.

portrét Jiří Frait, technik osvětlení

Jiří Frait

Lighting technician
608 283 858

Jiří joined our technical team in spring 2016. He is in charge of project drafts and lighting calculations. He prepares price quotations and calculations and communicates with architects, designers and suppliers. He provides technical consultation on lighting technology and organises installations. His responsibility is to prepare and install lights for technical projects.

He spends his active free time as Commander of a historical fencing team. Apart from the sword, he also does fire-eating and performs in fire shows.

portrét Jan Hospodka, realizační technik osvětlení

Jan Hospodka

608 030 942

Honza has 4 years’ experience in electrical work and does the lighting installations at Feschu. He is the right-hand man of the Lighting Technician. His responsibility is the complete electrical work, from cable placement, socket and switch installation, to specialised construction and installation of professional lighting. If you don’t find Honza on a construction site, he is working in the warehouse on preparations, or driving to deliver merchandise to our customers.

He likes to spend his free time with family. He enjoys playing sport, travel, music and cars.

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