Furniture manufactory

Our factory focuses on the customised crafting of top quality designer furniture and interior equipment.

We have at our disposal our own team of crafsmen and specialists who are real professionals in their field. All manufacture of interiors is based on individual approach to every customer. We emphasise the fulfilment of client requirements from the first measurement, interior draft and concept, to the 3D-visualization of manufacturing blueprints for the perfect crafting of every piece of material. We focus on top quality and we can perfect manufacture even the most complicated furniture shapes .

Customised production of furniture has undisputed advantages. Our factory is equipped with modern technologies which allows us to focus on every detail, to create original design and to achieve required attributes of a product. We manufacture from a wide range of materials (laminated boards, MDF boards, solid wood, stone tiles, artificial stone, metal etc.) which meet quality requirements and health and safety regulations. Apart from furniture, we manufacture neutral pastry showcases, bread shelves and other shop equipment e.g. counters, back areas and tables in the dining areas.

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