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We have collaborated with FESCHU for more than 10 years. Apart from being incredibly satisfied with the quality of their products and the rapid and efficient approach to every project, we appreciate most of all their ability to adjust to our ideas, their willingness to create new things togerther and to get things done.

Aleš Svoboda, SvobodaBřezík Zlín

FESCHU did a great job in a very short time, that is why I can only recommend this company. The approach of the employees was professional from design to realisation. You can see the results for yourselves.

Jitka Pokorná, Prodejna smíšeného zboží Nebužely

We have cooperated with Feschu for a few years and during this time have completed several projects. I have always been fully satisfied with the design, construction work or shop equipment, the stove and fireplaces showroom and the display stand, which was a unique prestigious piece of work, thanks to its originality, quality and design. These days it is important to be one step ahead of the competition, so time and quality play major roles. With Feschu we are two steps ahead.

Michal Bartoška, KF Group s.r.o., Jindřichův Hradec

We are very satisfied with a great work done by Feschu, everything was completed in time and was of top quality. I really appreciate the helpful approach of Feschu employees.

Zdeněk Kuncl, Potraviny Rychnov

We already knew that the right lighting would increase the appetite for shopping but that still wasn’t enough. Until Feschu offered us the perfect lights. They look great, have a lower energy consumption with much higher efficiency than our previous ones. And the colour of the light is amazing.

Tomáš Kroupa, Středovy pekárny

To make the decision to renovate wasn’t hard at all. What I was more afraid of were all the changes that were inevitable. It is a big step after all. In the end, these were unnecessary fears. I contacted Feschu and they managed really well. First they prepared the interior concept and by means of that they built a new store. Everything of top quality. It was clear that they knew what they were doing.

Miloslav Vejsada, Řeznictví Vejsada Pelhřimov