We deliver top quality showcases from tested suppliers and manufacturers. We offer our own production of custom-made pastry showcases in quality construction materials including glass.


We are exclusive partner of the Italian brand of EUROCRYOR, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of heated and refrigerated showcases. The emphasis is on perfect technology directed at keeping food fresh and tasty. EUROCRYOR is part of EPTA group.


UNIS COOL is a Czech supplier and manufacturer of heated, refrigerated and neutral showcases. Furthermore, the company delivers refridgerators and freezers, cooling tables, covnection ovens and other gastro equipment.

CRIOCABIN is an Iitalian brand for refrigerated, heated and neutral showcases of unique design.


ES SYSTEM K is a Polish company delivering refrigerating equipment for a wide range of uses. It produces showcases for desserts and pralines under the LENARI brand.


OSCARTIELLE company has over 50 years of experience in the field. It offers a wide selection of individual solutions – showcases for every type of store, focused on optimalisation of energy consumption.

Our own factory for costum-made pastry showcases. We manufacture a showcase according to your specifications. One, two or more levels. We use quality materials in the construction, shelves can be removable for easier cleaning.

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